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City tours

The Potsdam Tourism Centre offers city tours with a wide variety of focal points. Five places of art are explored on the Sculpture Trail, and in the "Potsdam Backyards - Anecdotes and Stories" tour you can take a look behind the facades, from the 18th century to the present day. The area around Babelsberg can also be explored on a city tour, where you can learn about Babelsberg's film history and the villas in this part of Potsdam.

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Barberini Museum

The Barberini Museum presents themes from the entire history of art with a special focus on Impressionism and art from the GDR. One-hour guided tours and audio guides are offered. If you download the free app onto your mobile phone, you can also use it to guide you through the museum by audio guide. In the last hour of the exhibition day, tickets are available at a lower price!

Gardens and castles

Potsdam is adorned with a total of 17 castles and stately homes. The most popular excursion destinations are Sanssouci Palace in the park of the same name and the largest palace, the New Palais. The Orangery and Charlottenhof Palace are also located in Sanssouci Park and are well worth a visit. Other well-known palaces in Potsdam are located in Park Babelsberg, in and around the New Garden and in the city centre.

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Filmpark Babelsberg

Real backdrops, stunt shows and film animal training can be experienced in the Filmpark Babelsberg. For the ultimate thrill, you can visit a 4D Action Cinema and an XD Motion Ride. There's also a TV studio show every day. A guided tour through the entire park with all film sets can also be booked.

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Bike and boat tours

Potsdam and especially the green corners around it can be easily explored from a bicycle or boat. In addition to the Potsdam water taxi, which serves numerous attractions of the city, you can book boat tours to explore Potsdam from the water. As the city centre is clearly laid out, it is a good idea to discover it with a borrowed bicycle (rental, for example, at Potsdam main station) and perhaps go beyond the city limits into the countryside. Along the Havel river on the side of the Babelsberg district you can drive to Wannsee and take a ferry to the beautiful peacock island. In the southern part of the city, cycle paths lead down to Lake Petzin and Lake Schwielow. You can also start from Potsdam on the Wall Trail, which also leads through Berlin.

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